This is typical of many Ramala channellings
and was received in May 1987

 I wonder why you feel that I, on my plane of existence, am in a position of being able to help you.  What message do you think that I can bring to you that will lighten your darkness here on the Earth, that will help you to carry your karmic burdens more easily?  The veil between the incarnate and the discarnate, between that which you call life and death, whilst it might appear to be thin at times due to communications such as these, nevertheless, does form a definite separation between the two planes of life.  It must be recognised that just as you cannot see me, so I cannot see you in physical form.  I see you only as an emanation of energy, a point of light, a display of varied colours.  However I, on my plane of existence, do have two distinct advantages over you: firstly, I am not imprisoned in a physical body of clay with all of its inherent limitations and restrictions and, secondly, I am not limited by physical time and so have a greater perspective of life than you, for I can see not just the nature of life on the Earth at this time but also the nature of life in the past and life in the future.  You can only experience one frame of life at a time, the second in which you are living, but I can see the many frames that go together to make the complete picture.

 If you were to go to the cinema and look at only a few frames of a movie on the screen you would have great difficulty in understanding the story or the content of the whole movie by what you had seen on the screen.  You could only guess at what happened before your observation and at what came afterwards.  Moreover, if you were to see an event such as someone being killed in those few frames, then, even though you would react to the killing, again, you could only guess at the events that had led up to it.  You would not know whether or not that death had great meaning and purpose on the higher levels of life, whether or not it represented the discharge of some great karmic debt.   But I, having seen the whole movie, so to speak, would be able to throw some light on the motivation and the causation of those actions.  I understand, therefore, why you find it so difficult to understand what is going on in your world today, why there is so much evil and suffering present on the Earth.  So it is from my viewpoint of a greater perspective that I am able to enlighten you.

            Life on the Earth has been compared to a drama being enacted on a stage.  It is not a perfect analogy, but it does give you a certain perspective because, by implication, it means that if you are the actors on the stage, then your audience is the millions and millions of beings not only on the plane of Earth but on the other planes of life as well.  Now, taking the analogy a step further, just as you know the content of, shall we say, Shakespeare’s dramas, so I am aware of the content of the great drama of the Earth, of the plot, of the characters in it and of the nature of the ending of this particular cycle of human life on the Earth.  I am aware that you are only actors portraying roles and that the actor is not the same as the role.  You have all come into incarnation on the Earth in order to play a role in this great cosmic drama and it is essential to the drama that you believe in your part, that you act your role to the highest of your ability, that you give a good performance.  So I am not permitted to distract you from your role, to confuse you with visions of other performances, past or future, in fact, in any way to take away from the realism of the drama.

 As is the case in any good drama, there is often a clash between good and evil, as the audience sees or judges it.  So it is important that you understand that good and evil were both created by the author of the plot in order to create a dramatic or learning situation.  This is also true of your own personal drama, your own life, and you must recognise that the people or aspects of life which threaten you in some way are not automatically evil just because they are threatening you.  Remember that both you and they have been created by the same author, that Being Who creates only perfect dramas - God.  So when I use terms such as good and evil you must understand that in using that terminology I am making no judgements.  Goodness is the opposite of evil, that is all.  You should not say that goodness is right and evil is wrong, that goodness should be uplifted and evil should be punished.

            If we are going to define goodness and evil at all, then, it is best to look at them in terms of energy flows.  Goodness is but the energy of creation used positively and evil is but the energy of creation used negatively or in reverse.  It is more than a coincidence that in your language ‘evil’ is ‘live’ spelt backwards, or the power of living reversed.  Therefore you should not judge a person as to how they use the energy of creation.  Every human being is a child of God, created by God and loved as only the Perfect Parent can love Its child.  So it is not for you to judge or condemn a child of God.  When you go to the theatre and watch a drama upon the stage, as you watch an actor portraying an ‘evil’ person, do you judge the actor or the role?  Whilst on the one hand you might judge the acts of the character that is being portrayed, shall we say the Emperor Nero in ancient Rome, on the other hand you differentiate between the role and the actor who is playing that role and will indeed applaud the actor at the final curtain call for playing his role well, for personifying evil as you believe it to be.  The actor, which is the spirit, as opposed to the role, which is the body and the karma you have to transmute, is seen as being a performer and the performer is appreciated for the role that he or she plays in the drama and for the lessons or tests that they present to the audience.  This is true on all levels of life.

            Can you now accept that the forces of goodness and evil, especially as they manifest in the World at this time, are both necessary and planned forces.  They are both the creations of that great Being Who created the drama in the first place.  So what is the purpose of evil?  Why did God create it?  It is here that we need to introduce this quality that I have called perspective.  If you are just looking at one frame in a movie, at one act in a person’s life, how can you even begin to make a valid judgement as to what is goodness, as to what is evil?  You are basing your judgement on a split second in eternity.  But if, on the other hand, you could see the frames before and after that act, if you could see the lives before and after that act, you would have a clearer idea as to why a person behaved in a certain way.

 Has it ever occurred to you that there is purpose in evil and, indeed, that evil has been responsible for bringing about some of the great evolutionary steps forward in human society?   Consider the relationship of Jesus and Judas.  Though Judas is universally scorned and reviled for what he did, the act of betrayal that he performed was as destined and as planned as any of the other events that happened in Jesus’ life.  Much of what happened had been prophesied centuries before it occurred.  Judas was simply an actor fulfilling his role upon the stage of life.  Consider, therefore, the many lesser examples of betrayal that occur in your everyday life and the judgements that you make about the people who do them to you.  Are they really evil?  It is a foolish person who makes such a judgement without the perspective of eternity to see both reason and design in every human action.

 Life is a careful blend of goodness and evil and is designed to act as a mirror in which you can see yourselves.  It is how you respond to the challenge of life that brings about growth and evolution.  That is the purpose of the drama, the play of goodness and light.  It is for you to know yourself.  Evil, the negative energy, is present in every aspect of life, no matter whether it be on an international, a national or even a family level.  But evil always happens for a purpose.  Evil does not happen by chance.  All evil is a destined part of the drama of life.  No-one suffers by chance.  You attract unto yourselves exactly that which you have created by your past actions in this or previous lives, and this is true on a national as well as on an individual level.

 At this time in the Cosmic Cycle, at the end of an Age, when much evil is being brought into physical manifestation, ready to face karmic transmutation, be aware that Humanity faces a supreme test.  It is a time when all of you will have your spiritual consciousness, your understanding of life, tested to the very limit.  Daily you will have to face and react to great human suffering.  You will have to decide on appropriate action of thought, word and deed.  You will be constantly asking yourselves “Why should this be so?”.  Let me tell you why!  In times of peace Humanity rarely thinks of the purpose of life and death, except when life and death are seen as ‘natural’ events.  But in time of war, when millions are suffering and dying, almost everyone examines their souls to come to terms with all the slaughter and the human degradation and tries to see a purpose and a reason in it all.  They are compelled to face their own life and their own death.  You, yourselves, know only too well that it is only in times of crisis, when your problems appear insurmountable, that you turn to God for help, that you seek the guidance of the Supreme Being, because you simply cannot cope with the world around you.  You feel that you no longer have control over the events in your life.

            Evil, therefore, can be seen to be a great centring process.  It forces people to turn within, to examine their role in life, to become God-centred beings.  They are compelled to face evil and to decide whether to transmute evil or to destroy it.  Do not be misled into thinking that because I speak to you from a higher plane of life that I am in any way more evolved than you.  Even the greatest of souls, when descending into physical incarnation, especially now, as we approach the time of Armageddon, becomes affected to a degree by human karma.  It is only too easy, sometimes, to forget one’s divine heritage, the fact that one is an eternal soul, and to become trapped by one’s physical senses into believing that life is real and that spirit is an illusion.  But that is the test of life, that is the purpose of life.  Life on the Earth at this time is rather like a furnace.  You will be melted down in the transforming fires of Armageddon, your impurities will flow away and you will emerge, like the Phoenix of ancient legend, in your purer and higher form, ready to take your place in the New Age.

 At all times, though, remember the analogy of the drama.  The great drama of the Piscean Age will be repeated just as a Shakespearean drama is repeated, time after time after time.  Though the actors may change, the roles remain the same.  So observe the drama, but do not become one with it.  Do not let the suffering of the drama become your own personal suffering.  Recognise the drama for what it is, an instrument of divine learning and evolution.  Be aware that you are privileged to be on the Earth at this time, to face the ending of the Piscean Age, to be given this supreme opportunity to wipe clean your karmic record.  All that is required of you is that you play your role to the highest of your physical and spiritual abilities, but always be aware of the actor that is playing that role, your divine spirit.

 It is difficult, I know, to come to terms with the fact that you are not your body.  When you are encased in the human form and are subject to all its sensory perceptions it is difficult to be soul conscious as opposed to body conscious.  It is hard to realise that there is an eternal part of you, a part that is listening to me even now, a part which was in existence before your birth and will be in existence after your death, a part that has experienced many lives on many levels, that has endured many earthly cycles of evolution.  It is difficult, I know, especially in times like this, to listen to the force of spirit within you.  That still, quiet voice within has been swamped by the cacophony of modern living.  But the challenge of evil and the understanding of suffering throws you back on yourself and impels you to go within and to listen to your soul note, your spiritual essence.

 Your physical body and senses, bound to the Earth and the restrictions of the physical plane, will never understand the nature of the great cosmic events that are now manifesting in your world.  Your physical understanding of life is very limited and is tied to the experiences of this life cycle.  But your soul consciousness, linked to the Source of All Life, can give you the perspective that I have been talking about.  The mark of a truly evolved soul is its ability to place life in perspective, to see the past, the present and the future as one time continuum, to see all life and, indeed, all lives as one.  Such a soul is then able to observe correctly the drama of life which flows before its eyes, and can place any tragic event in perspective.  Above all, though, it realises that the purpose of any suffering is but to polish the many facets of its eternal being.

 You only truly suffer when you are trapped in the physical dimension.  You only feel unloved and deserted when you are separated from the Source of All Life.  When you create a division between you and your Creator, between the drama of life and Its Creator, then you are condemned to experience the drama and to take on its lessons.  You will become one with the pain and the suffering of the less evolved and their lessons will become your lessons.  But that is your choice and that is the purpose of the drama.  The evolved soul who has walked a little further along the path of human evolution can see the hand of God in everything and everybody.  It knows that nothing happens that was not ordained to happen by the Creator.  It understands that every hair on its head is counted and that every thought, word and deed is noted by its Creator.  It is aware that it must live in the world but must not be of the world.  It knows that life is but a passing drama, enacted for human growth and evolution and that, truly, no-one ever really dies, no-one ever really suffers.

                Earth is a school of learning, a school of life.  It is you that both decides the nature of your lessons and chooses your learning experiences.  Each day you draw into your aura the lessons that you are capable of handling.  No event ever happens by chance.  No test is ever an act of blind fate.  Each day is a gift from your Creator, designed specifically to present you with opportunities or tests to polish the spiritual facets of your being.  Other people will face different tests.  Do not feel that you have to take on their tests, to carry their burdens.  Do not become weighed down by all the evil and the suffering that is manifesting in your world.  It is a necessary lesson for Humanity at this time.  Recognise that suffering does have purpose and meaning, and place it in a correct perspective.  If you can understand the drama of life and the cosmic cycles that control it then you can choose whether or not you want to take part in it.  At that time you may truly call yourself a Master of the physical plane of life.