How were the Ramala teachings received?  Through a process known as  mediumship or channelling.  Usually a small group of people, numbering anywhere from three to twelve people, used to meet and sit in a circle in the Ramala sanctuary.  After a short period of meditation and attunement, when the energy had built up between David and Ann, the husband and wife team who form the channel and who always sat facing each other in the circle, one of the Ramala Teachers would overshadow David and would speak through him to give the discourse.  At all times David was fully conscious of what was being said.  He likens the experience to standing behind someone who is giving a talk and yet being able to hear the words before they are actually spoken.  In this way he was always free to stop the overshadowing entity from saying anything of which he did not approve, should he so wish.  However he rarely chose to do so because he trusted the Teachers and was aware of how their perspective and understanding of life on the Earth always changed people’s lives for the better.  The subject matter of the Teachings was nearly always a response to some question that had arisen in the Ramala community in recent days or because someone in the meditation circle was in need of counselling on some problem that they were facing.  The talks normally lasted for about thirty minutes and the Teacher would withdraw and David’s personal guide, Zen Tao, would then appear to answer any questions that may have arisen in the minds of the listeners in the circle as a result of the talk.

What is the source of the Ramala Teachings?  Firstly, there was a being who simply identified himself as the World Teacher and who gave his discourses only on sacred festival days such as Easter and Christmas.  Secondly, there was a being who identified himself as belonging to a spiritual hierarchy called The White Brotherhood but who presented himself as an ancient Egyptian priest called Ra Lo Li, which he interpreted as meaning Light, Love and Illumination.  It was he who gave the bulk of the teachings.  Finally there was David’s doorkeeper, a delightful being known as Zen Tao, who presented himself as a Tibetan monk   It was he who answered all the questions that were asked after the teachings had been given.   If the Ramala Teachers sometimes appear to be remote and impersonal, then David’s guide, Zen Tao, was the very opposite.  He exhibited a wonderful and distinctive personality with a delightful sense of humour.  Over the twenty years that he spoke through David he endeared himself to literally hundreds of people.   Because he was very close to his instrument, David, and because he had himself experienced recent incarnations on the Earth, he was well qualified to link the incarnate with the discarnate world.  He was often able to translate the spiritual concepts expressed by the Ramala Teachers into a more practical and human standpoint.  He was aware, only too well, of our human weaknesses and failings and of the limitations imposed on us by the physical bodies in which we dwell.  Even through such a restricted medium as channelling, one cannot fail to be impressed by Zen Tao’s open-mindedness and tolerance, by his love and his humility.

If the Ramala books do nothing else than introduce Zen Tao to a wider audience of spiritual seekers than the channelling circle, then, they will have served their purpose well.  No matter what the plane of existence on which he dwells and from which he speaks, Zen Tao is surely giving us unimpeachable proof of the reality of human existence after ‘death’.  He is, in one sense, a living demonstration of the spiritual truths expressed by the Ramala Teachers.  Time and time again he reminds us that we are not our physical, mortal bodies but are, rather, spiritual, immortal beings.  Rather like an astronaut who views the Earth from the depths of space and is touched by a feeling of divinity and oneness of the planet, so Zen Tao views the Human Race from afar and tries to convey to us the divinity and oneness of the Human Race.  His final words, spoken back in 1987, speak for themselves.

Remember that you are God-beings, imbued with God-spirit, empowered by God-love and are living in a God-centred world.  Anything or anybody which denies that reality is itself not real’.  

It is important, though, not to be side-tracked by the glamour or the novelty of the channelling process, to be attracted to the messenger rather than to the message.  What is important is the message, is the truth that it awakens in you.  You should be concerned only with the teachings, not the beings that are responsible for bringing them through.  The Ramala teachers use the analogy of a funnel.  A medium is rather like a funnel.  In order to get water from a large container into a small one you use a funnel so that no water is wasted.  Once the water has been transferred the funnel can be discarded.  It is of no further use.  It is just the same with the medium.  The Ramala Teachings stand or fall by themselves in their own right.  They will either resonate with a note deep within your being or they will pass through you leaving you outwardly unaffected.  In all of this, though, the identity or personality of the channel can only be a distraction.  That is why the Ramala Teachings have always been published anonymously.

If you would like to sample the Ramala Teachings and to experience the question and answer sessions that came after them, then please click on any one of the three teachings below which, although representational of the Ramala Teachings, are not to be found in any of the Ramala books:

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